Mother’s Day Gifts for Wine-Loving Moms

Have you thought about what to get mom for Mother ‘s day?

If she’s a wine lover I’ve got some Mother’s Day gifts and gift ideas I think you might like. They’re certainly out of the ordinary and definitely fun.  But most of all they’ll show Mom you care enough to get her something a little unique and special.

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I love this idea. It’s a large, ecomother's day gift-friendly tote with a typographic design that reads:

          “Some groceries, mostly wine

This bag is perfect for grocery shopping or carrying items from your favorite store.  The deluxe size leaves plenty of room for everything you need.

Whether for your mom, grandma or daughter this is a Mother’s day gift that is sure to please.




A glass of wine is even better when paired with the right dish, so how do you pair your wine with just the right food? Here’s a cookbook that does just that. Any cook can plan a meal in perfect concert with a favorite or special wine.

If mom loves wine but lacks in the art of choosing a wine to go with her favorite meals here are 100 recipes with some great solutions. It’s an inspiration for all who want to make the most of an excellent glass of wine.




There are small wine racks that are wall mounted or counter top displays that are perfect for small home gatherings or great big parties.








Does Tabletop wine rackmom keep her wine bottles on the floor or stacked up on the counter with no real place to store them?   If you answered ‘yes’, why not get her a wine rack?  There are lots of great ideas for storing wine that don’t take up a lot of space and they add a bit of decorative quality.







mother's day gift


Most ladies love a personalized wine glass. I know I do.  Here’s one I bought a friend at Christmas and she just loved it!  She’s always skimping on wine and watching her calories so how fun is this!

We still laugh about it when we get together, and she used this wine glass ALL the time.







Here’s a mother’s day gift for the mom who loves both wine and coffee.

Wall plaques are always a fun idea and many places will customize them to whatever you would like to say.  This one however happens to be one of my favorites!  And if you don’t like this plaque, Mindysgazebo has lots of alternatives 🙂




So if you’re wondering what to get mom this Mother’s day these are some great ideas if she’s a wine drinker. If she’s not, there are lots more ideas where these came from.

Finding that perfect Mother’s Day Gift

If you’re still having trouble finding a great Mother’s day gift, here are some ideas on how you can spark some ideas for finding mom that great gift.

What does she like and/or need? Think about what mom likes, perhaps what she needs or possibly what might make her daily life just that much better. Ideas can be candy, books, flowers, plants, etc.

Look to the past.  Has your mom had a pet that has since passed? How about a framed picture of that pet.  Did she go on a trip she loved? Find some pictures and create a scrapbook of those pictures or events.

Give her something of yourself. Create a piece of art, write a poem or a song and then frame it.

Help her preserve what she loves. Take a picture of her flower garden, her pet, a picture of you and frame it on a canvas print.

Hope that helps 🙂

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